Sword Game Patch 1.5 – The Return (of swords)

Whoa, I have an update page? Huh, must have forgotten. Anyways today is a great day my friends, particularly for those unfortunate souls who find themselves not owning a gamepad, since Sword Game patch 1.5 is here and finally brings with it keyboard controls. That’s right now you can swing swords to your heart’s content with a simple mouse and a keyboard, incredible isn’t it?

The patch also brings a number of modifcations and quality of life changes so regardless now is the time to pick up your oversized blades and return to the fields of Sword Game, may the sword be with you!

I hope you appreciate this. It’s a lot harder than you think to paint on a giant sword floating in space.

Sword Game Release!

When this post goes up Sword Game should now be available on Steam.

Development for the game started in the spring of last year, so its nice to finally get to publish a finished product for anyone to play. Hope you have a grand old time with it.

Yellow gets an A+ for being the only one to suffocate in space, which is the appropriate response.